AAPI Nexus: Welfare Reform 5:2 (2007)

"Welfare Reform," 5:2 (2007)

“Welfare Reform,” 5:2 (2007)

“Welfare Reform,” 5:2 (2007)

This issue features research on how Asian American communities are affected by and respond to policies related to welfare reform, healthcare, education, and art/cultural institutions. According to outgoing Senior Editor Paul Ong, a common thread among these articles is the commitment to building bridges between the university, AAPI communities, and the larger society.

Linda Vo, Chong-suk Han, Edward Echtle, Evelyn Blumenberg, Lily K. Song, Paul M. Ong, Julian Chun-Chung Chow, Grace Yoo, Catherine Vu, Lois M. Takahashi, Michelle G. Magalong.

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