AAPI Nexus: Mental Health 8:2 (2010)

"Mental Health" 8:2 (2010)

“Mental Health” 8:2 (2010)

“Mental Health” 8:2 (2010)

Contextualizing the challenges of addressing AAPI mental health, guest editors, Gilbert C. Gee (UCLA), Phillip D. Akutsu (CSU Sacramento), and Margaret Shih (UCLA), in their introduction illustrate how cultural, historical, and community diversity have led to underutilization of services and a lack of data. They call for new research that seriously considers the theories related to differences among diverse AAPI populations.

Read the Editors’ Note: Culture and Mental Health: Risk, Prevention and Treatment for Asian Americans by Gilbert C. Gee, Phillip D. Akutsu, and Margaret Shih (Adobe PDF Document)

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