AAPI Nexus: Aging 6:2 (2008)

"Aging," 6:2 (2008)

“Aging,” 6:2 (2008)

“Aging,” 6:2 (2008)

Guest Editors: Namkee G. Choi and Jim Lubben

With an ever growing number of older AAPIs, these older adults face additional challenges such as higher poverty rates among all older adults in the United States, lower rates of having private insurance, and many unmet mental health needs.  Because of the challenges that aging populations pose to social policy, these papers help shape future culturally sensitive programs and services to AAPI elders and families.

Herb Shon, Ailee Moon, Jong Won Min, Siyon Rhee, Phu Phan, Jessica Rhee, Thanh Tran, Poorni G. Otilingam, Margaret Gatz, Sela V. Panapasa, Voon Chin Phua, James W. McNally.

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