AAPI Nexus: Art & Cultural Institutions 5:1 (2007)

"Art & Cultural Institutions," 5:1 (2007)

“Art & Cultural Institutions,” 5:1 (2007)

“Art & Cultural Institutions,” 5:1 (2007)

Guest Editor: Franklin Odo

“AAPIs and Cultural Institutions,” features how organizations like museums, traveling exhibits, performance troupes, and libraries represent AAPI communities and their diverse experiences.  “Incorporation of AAPIs individually and organizationally by this nation’s cultural sector can lead to political complacency and isolation from the broader social movement long before the ultimate goals are achieved,” the editors write. “The larger challenge before us, then, is renewing the passion for progressive social change.”

ShiPu Wang, Clara M. Chu, Todd Honma, Leslie Ito, John Rosa, Lewis Kawahara, Nadereh Pourat, Ninez A. Ponce, Roberta Wyn.

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